Finding a Location

Where will we Worship?

Down to the wire, the week before our very first Sunday service and we still don't have a confirmed location.  One of the largest problems facing new churches is the question "where will we worship?"  We launched St. James before we had a place to worship, trusting that God would lead us to a place that would meet our immediate needs.  This was not our original plan, but became a necessity when others factors hastened our launch.  Many of our members scoured the community looking for a place.  Several Churches reached out to us.  Lincoln Glen Church, Calvary Chapel, and Live Oak Academy very graciously considered providing temporary homes for us.  St. Timothy's and St. Luke's Chapel in the Hills, provided us with space to hold meetings. We are very thankful for the hospitality of these churches and will forever be grateful.

We were blessed to find the Camden Community Center in San Jose where we worshiped for two years.  This is a beautiful facility with very good acoustics.

In March of 2011, we moved to the Joan Pisani Community Center in Saratoga.  The center is located at 19655 Allendale Avenue.

In October of 2011, we were blessed to receive two buildings in the Willow Glen area of San Jose. You can read the whole story on Fr. Ed's Blog.