Weddings at St. James

Are you engaged? Congratulations. We are thrilled for you, at least we will be when we hear from you. Thank you for considering St. James for your wedding. Our goal is to ensure that your wedding ceremony is fabulous and that your marriage is fantastic. A wedding day is an important moment in a couple's life together, and we try to make sure that your wedding is everything you want it to be. Of course we are a Christian Church so if you do not want a Christian service we can't really help you, but then you probably wouldn't be reading this page.

The second part of our goal is to help you have a fantastic marriage. Even more than that we want to help you have a fantastic Christian marriage. In order to do this we want to help you start off well, help you anticipate where you might experience bumps in the road (every couple does), and ensure that you are connected to community and resources that will help you keep improving your relationship. Great marriages are not made in a day, but are achieved through a continuing commitment to improvement. Sounds like work, doesn't it? It is. It is the work of a lifetime. It is also deeply rewarding and mostly fun.

Wedding preparation at St. James is significant. Each component is designed to help you start your marriage off in the best possible way. Out of each part of your preparation we hope that you will gain at least one learning or skill that will help you have a significantly better marriage. This is a goal we feel is worth the investment of your time and money.