Church Planting

When we launched St. James in 2009 we developed ministry solutions that both work for St. James and equipped St. James to help other churches start.  Our goal is to launch between two and five new churches each year.  Our long term goal is to help start 50 new churches and launch a new diocese centered in the San Francisco Bay Area.

In our first year we helped two missions get started.  St. John's in Orinda is our first.  Amazing Grace Anglican Fellowship in Roseville is our second.  In 2012, Christ the Redeemer began in Davis and Redeemer Anglican began in Santa Cruz.

In 2013, St. James joined the Diocese of Churches for the Sake of Others. St. James became the seat of the NorCal+ Deanery and Fr. Ed became the Dean. St. James still helps launch missions, however in 2015 the NorCal Deanery incorporated with mission support being transferred to the Deanery.

In 2017, Fr. Ed moved to Hawaii to plant a church there. Fr. Rob Patterson of Redeemer in Santa Cruz is now the Dean of the NorCal Deanery.

The first challenge in beginning a new mission is finding someone willing to try.  If you are a potential Church Planter we hope you will contact us so we can talk about the ways we can help you.

The NorCal+ Deanery helps in two main ways: Fr. Rob provides coaching and visits our missions on a regular basis.  The Administration Team, provides administrative support.

The administrative support we provide is comprehensive.  Our goal is to provide thorough administrative support so that our missions can concentrate on building community and growing the mission. We support our missions with

  • Liability Insurance.
  • Book keeping, including database construction and updating, donation recording and tax receipt issuing.
  • Banking.  Each Mission is provided with a bank deposit book for a local branch in their community where they can make deposits.  Deposits are placed in a fund designated for the mission.
  • Online Giving
  • Payroll with Direct Deposit & All Required Tax Forms.
  • Website construction and training.

Fr. Rob connects with a key leader in each new church on a regular basis. Deanery events foster community and help each mission learn from the others.  We share best practices and celebrate accomplishments.

Fr. Rob helps each leader stay on track.  We teach a three stage process of launching a new church.  Each stage has multiple steps.  By approaching the challenge of launching a new church as a series of stages and steps we make the entire project manageable.  It is easy to become overwhelmed by all the work involved.  Fr. Rob helps each mission keep to the current stage and step.  He is also there to encourage each mission and help them feel connected to St. James and the other missions as well.