Eucharistic Visitors

Sunday afternoon, following church, Lay Eucharistic Ministers (LEMs) take Holy Communion to members of St. James who are unable to attend.  LEMs go out in teams of two and typically make one or two visits a Sunday.  LEM visits are enjoyable for both the LEMs and the people they visit.

The Eucharistic Visitors Ministry is a vital step in helping embody and emphasize the reality of the church as community. Eucharistic Visitors are an important pastoral and sacramental expression of that community. They are living reminders that the sick and infirm are integral parts of the church community, which is the Body of Christ. The Eucharistic Visitors provide infirm members of our parish the sacramental gift of Christ's body and blood, the symbol of the Eucharist, which unites us with him. They also offer fellowship, prayer support, a listening ear, a caring heart, and a connection to the church community. Team members remain dedicated to our mission of providing a ministry of presence, healing, and hope.